• Sally Woodward-Gentle
    Sally Woodward-Gentle Life President
  • JF Burford
    JF Burford Chair
    Coordinates the strategic development and coaching of the club. Oversees the club’s management.
  • Toby Seth
    Toby Seth Vice Chair & Treasurer
    Supports functions of the Chair in regard to the strategic direction and management of the club. Liaison representative with FFC & responsible for managing the finances of the club and maintaining accurate financial records.
  • Rob Sheldon
    Rob Sheldon Secretary & Referees Secretary
    Coordinates running of teams and relationship with WSYL/SCGL. Helps coordinate strategic direction and management of club & Responsible for developing and maintaining a roster of referees and for match allocation
  • Lynne Bryan
    Lynne Bryan Chairman's Assistant

    Assisting in all duties linked to the Chairman and club.The keeper of keys to the clubhouse and goals at NSR.

  • Alex Duncan
    Alex Duncan Fixtures Secretary
    Responsible for pitch allocations and suitability for use Responsible for pitch allocations and suitability for use.Alex is responsible for 11,9  and  7 a sides.
  • Eva Lynggaard
    Eva Lynggaard Registration Secretary
    Responsible for maintaining the club’s player register and co-ordinating with squad managers to ensure that annual subs are collected from all players.
  • Natasha Bradshaw
    Natasha Bradshaw Club Shop & Kit Co-Ordinator
    Responsible for the Club shop and all team kit . Assist in helping Registrations Secretary /memberships duties.
  • Scott Fielding
    Scott Fielding Sponsorship Secretary
    Responsible for managing and supporting club sponsorship – relationship with existing sponsors and development of new sponsorship approaches.
  • Andy Becker
    Andy Becker Communications Director

    Responsible for continued development of KPR communications.

  • Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Moore Girls Coordinator

    Responsible for clubs efforts to recruit and retain more girls into local football

  • Hywell Davies
    Hywell Davies Health & Safety Officer, School & Disability Co-ordinator
    Responsible for all aspects of individual health and safety including ensuring that all teams are able to administer appropriate first aid at training and on match days,Responsible for communication and coaching with local schools
  • Julia Driver
    Julia Driver Child Welfare Officer
    Responsible for ensuring that Child Protection Policy is updated and followed through.
  • Vacant
    Vacant News Editor
    Coordinates KPR news stories on KPR and outside media.
  • Vacant
    Vacant Social and Media
    Responsible for Coordinating KPR Social Events.