Welcome to The KPR football library. Whether you are a coach, manager, player, volunteer or football fanatic, the KPR library brings you some of the best football references you need to help you develop your understanding, skills and training methods.

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Notes. All overdue library reference material will incur a £5.00 fine payable to KPR. All library reference material should be kept in good condition. Any damage found to the items on return, might lead to a charge for the replacement of the item.

11) The Official FA Guide to Basic Team Coaching
By Les Reed, Former FA Technical Director who has coached England teams from youth to senior level. A straightforward, lively and practical guide to coaching from the FA’s former technical director.

22) The Official FA Guide to Fitness for Football By Dr Richard Hawkins
The FA Head of Exercise Science.
Get detailed information on physiology, nutrition and how to assess fitness for football.

33) The Official FA Guide to Psychology for Football By Andy Cole
Need to know information for coaches’ of every level, brought to you from the man behind the FA’s psychology strategy.

44) The Official FA Guide to Refereeing By John Baker
Learn and confirm the rules of the game with John Baker, the man in charge of all 30,000 officially registered referees in England.

55) The Official FA Guide to Football Parents By Les Howie
Offers a spectrum of advice for any parent or adult interested in their child involvement in football.

66) Coerver Coaching’s Make Your Move By Alfred Galusian and Charlie Cooke
Coerver coaching 2004. 26 Best 1v1 Soccer Moves… Includes drill CD- ROM. Coerver Coaching is a unique football method designed to promote technical football skills at all levels of football from grassroots level to professional play. 1v1 is an important part of Coerver curriculum. The book contains 26 of the best fully illustrated 1 v 1 moves and drills for young footballers.

77) Learning Through Games By tacklesport Ltd
An Innovative approach for teaching football to 5-11yr olds. The innovative ‘Learning through games’ approach is games-centred rather than technique-centred. The 10 challenging games illustrated in the CD ROM progressively challenge and motivate players to develop skills and strategies and understand rules. The 48 activities complement the games, highlighting the key skills. If players struggle with any of the 10 games, a relevant activity can simply be introduced.

88) Coaching Card Practice Organiser
An endless source of team and individual drills. These 125 portable index cards are designed to help you organise high quality practice sessions easily. Each coaching card is coded by skill, difficulty and intensity and is divided into one of 5 sections – ball control, passing, dribbling and tackling, goalkeeping, scoring and tactic battles.

99) Youth Soccer Drills By Jim Garland
Motivate young players and create more enjoyable practice sessions with this selection of 84 of the game’s best drills for teaching basic spacing. Dribbling, passing and shooting skills to beginner and intermediate level players aged 5-12.

9910) Teaching The Skills Of Soccer By Jose Segura Rius 2001
This superb illustrated book contains over 900 innovative and effective games; designed to optimise the learning process for young soccer player’s in both the technical and tactical aspects of football. Includes ball mastery, passing and conditioned small-sided games.

1111) SAQ Soccer By Alan Pearson 2001
SAQ is a revolutionary training method consisting of drills training programmes and field test that are easy to implement and are guaranteed to improve speed, agility and acceleration in all directions.

99112) Goalkeeping for Soccer: Techniques, Skills and Practices By Simon Smith 2004
Revised in 2004, Goalkeeping for Soccer contains all the most up-to-date tips and training techniques for goalkeeping. From basic catching to advanced skills, this book is designed to be used where it matters, on the pitch.

1313) Soccer: Warming Up Warming Down By K Bishop and H Gerards 2000
Thirty five complete warming up programmes, plus information on the physical and psychological aspect of warming up and down.

99114) The FA Level 2 Coaching Handbook By The Football Association Second Edition 2004
This Key resource book for the FA Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Football aims to help you understand’ how to coach’ not ‘what to coach’.

99115) The FA Level 3 Coaching Handbook By The Football Association 2002
Designed as a central resource for the FA Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Football, this title has been produced to help experienced football coaches to understand how to develop their players via a suitable football-coaching programme.

99116) Coerver Coaching “Make Your Move” DVD
3 part DVD set including:
DVD 1 – Change of Direction and Stop and Start – Skills, Drills and games showing how, why, when and where to use such skills
DVD 2 – Feints – Skills, Drills and games showing how, why, when and where to use suck skills
DVD 3 – Adding speed to skills – Drills and games